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Cybersecurity services

The Smart Contract Technology ( SCT ) provides you with Cybersecurity services such as penetration testing, compliance services, and risk system services in accordance with the nature of each organization, including services for assessing risks and vulnerabilities in systems and managing and developing security programs

 : Cybersecurity services


: Cybersecurity consulting

In this service, a comprehensive assessment and analysis is provided that reveals gaps and weaknesses in your systems and  develops strategies to mitigate them , It is one of the most important Cybersecurity services
The companies specialized in providing this service provide continuous monitoring and support to ensure that companies are always informed of the latest threats and precautionary measures. You can also benefit from cybersecurity consulting services in complying with industry regulations and standards. This is essential to gain the trust of your customers and limit the legal consequences for your company. In general, investing in cybersecurity consulting services is extremely important for every company looking to protect itself from security or cyber challenges and threats. This ensures long-term success


Electronic security service

Cybersecurity risks are always at the top of every organization’s priority list. You should make sure to obtain this Cybersecurity service in order to evaluate your company’s cybersecurity strategy and obtain a comprehensive plan that limits expected breaches and intercepts these attacks

: Penetration testing service

Penetration testing is a Cybersecurity service that tests the security of a computer system or network by simulating a potential real attack from a malicious source. This method helps in testing vulnerabilities that hackers can target and exploit. This test includes a series of assessments and tests designed to simulate an actual attacker. Tools and techniques are used to identify vulnerabilities. Hacking is an essential tool for all companies and institutions that want to ensure the security of their systems and protect against cybersecurity attacks

Cybersecurity services

: Aramco Cybersecurity standard SACS-002

For any institution or company that wishes to contract or start working with Aramco and obtain the Aramco Cybersecurity certificate, in this Cybersecurity service, the technical infrastructure is prepared and implemented to obtain the certificate. Then all the conditions required to obtain the Cybersecurity certificate are completed through approved auditors. At Aramco

Among our Cybersecurity services is the Aramco Cybersecurity Standard , The SACS-002 Cybersecurity Standard (CCC), issued by Saudi Aramco in May 2020, aims to establish minimum Cybersecurity requirements for Saudi Aramco third parties to protect Saudi Aramco from potential cyber threats and enhance the security posture of third parties

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